About Mayowa

My full name is Oluwamayowa Adeyemi but everyone just calls me Mayowa. Words have always been very special to me, from using it to tell stories and share my heart as a poet, to using it to delight customers and elicit emotions about brands as a creative copywriter. Words gained a new meaning to me with UX Writing, I learnt to drop the feelings and attachment to my words as a poet and copywriter. Words became a tool to help guide people by making their interactions within and outside a product as seamless as possible.

Design is my second love, my faithful side chic. My interest in design started from watching my dad work as a graphic designer. I started watching tutorials on YouTube and taking online courses to understand design. My friends were my initial test subjects, I designed flyers and logos for brands they wanted to build. I stumbled upon Design Thinking and this refined how I saw design and its ability to solve real problems and make people’s lives better.

My understanding of writing and design helps me collaborate effectively in teams whether in advertising or UX. You can view my resume here to see where I’ve worked so far. I'm currently located in Lagos, Nigeria but available to work with you wherever you are.

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